In 1982 – 1990 the group had played in the night club “Neringa” in Klaipeda . Every year they had prepared several gorgeous and affluent programmes, which had attracted lots of listeners from the whole Lithuania and had earned the wide recognition for “Studija” and “Neringa”. Everyone who had come to Klaipeda tried not to miss the opportunity to listen to “Studija”.
For a short period, when they started to play in “Neringa” in 1982, they had changed their name to “Kopu balsai”. Later they had introduced themselves as the trust of vocal – instrumental ensemble of canteens’ and restaurants’ of Klaipeda (according to the predominant Soviet rules). At the same time the musicians had started to represent the Chamber of Culture of Klaipeda, and this period had lasted from 1982 till 2002 year.
In 1986 the title “Studija” had been officially granted for the group, which had been certified by the Ministry of Culture of Lithuanian Republic .
“Studija” became more famous between Lithuanian listeners when they had produced the song “Mergaite is Regis” (“A girl and raggea”) in 1985. Later they had produced such famous songs as: “Daina draugams” (“A song for friends”), “Spindulys” (“Beam”), “Gelezine Meile” (“Iron Love”), “Vaikyste” (“Childhood”), “Zuikio norai” (“The wishes of a hare”), “Meiles bliuzas” (“The blues of Love”), “Vakaro daina” (“The party song ”), “Sakes” (“Forks”), “Dabartis” (“Nowadays”), “Gabriele” (“Gabriel”), “Laimes kudikis” (“Baby of the happiness”) and etc.
“Neringa” can be regarded as a separate creative – concert period for the group. However, it was only a small opportunity to express the group’s creative power while playing in this night club. That was why the group had tried not to miss any invitation to take part in the festivals or contests and their determination was not unnoticed. During all these year the group had got lots of musical awards that were possible to get at the time in Lithuania .

These were:
“Palangos Jaunyste 83 ir 86 ” (“Juvenility of Palanga in 83 and 86”), “Gintarine triuba 86” (“Amber trumpet 86”), “Vilniaus bokstai 87” (“The Towers of Vilnius 87”), “Debiutai 88” (“Debut 88”), Jazz festival in Birstonas.
In 1987 “Studija” went to their first trip to foreign countries – they had been in Poland and Germany . In Poland they had played in Konin and Legnica ; in
Germany – in Gera , Drezden and Berlin .

In 1987 “Studija” had produced their first LP record.

In 1988 the group had an exotic trip to Cuba . They had played in such resorts as Havana , Senfuegos and Varadero.
During the “Neringa” period there had changed lots of musicians and singers but the core remained till nowadays.

In 1982 – 1990 year there played:
Gintautas Litinskas – bass guitar, vocal;
Raimondas Jonutis – grand piano;
Steponas Januska – vocal, clarinet, baritone saxophone;
Valdas Galdikas (in group from 1984) – drums;
Aleksandras Dunis – guitar;
Ricardas Dubinskas (longevous official leader of the group);
Kestutis Jonusaitis – alto saxophone;
Edmundas Auglys – keyboards;
Arvydas Krasnickas – vocal;
Diana Petrosiene – vocal;
Juozas Petrosius – vocal;
Povilas Potasius – vocal;
Algirdas Suminskas – vocal ;
Laima Duniene – vocal ;
Eugenijus Ivanauskas – vocal ;
Aleksandras Dvorakovskis – drums ;
Eugenijus Jonavicius – guitar ;
Vilma Martisiute – vocal ;
Alfonsas Alminas – trombone ;

In 1990 year the group began another stage – foreign tours. The first tour was to Bulgaria . Several months they had played in Plovdiv city. After the concert trip to Bulgaria the group was left by Ricardas Dubinskas – t. sax., Edmundas Auglys – keyb, Kestutis Jonusaitis – a sax., and Eugenijus Jonavicius. In 1991 the group had new members – guitarist Henrikas Radiulis, vocalists Vilma Martisiute, Loreta Motuzaite. In this cast the group had played for a month in Mikolaiki show centre in Poland .

In December of 1991 the group had traveled to Iceland . Alvydas Lukosevicius “Obuolys” (“Apple”) and Irena Starosaite also had sang together with them.

In 1992 – 1993 year the group had two long contracts in United Arab Emirates . They had taken part in show programmes in such hotels as “Claridge” and “President”. At the time in the group there also were Algirdas Suminskas, Irena Starosaite, Vilma Martisiute and for a short period Janina Misciukaite.

Tours of concerts had lasted till 1994 year. The group had to play for a very different and fastidious audience but everywhere the group was welcomed nicely and escorted with lots of applauses.

In 1994 year the foreign tours had finished and started another period – Return. Guitarist Henrikas Radulis was replaced by Olegas Sochinas.

During the long years the group had created plenty of songs, and at last when they had a chance to transcribe and produce them, they did it.

In 1994 they had produced the first record MC with the popular songs “Draugams” (“For friends”). “Pukas records”.

In 1995 was transcribed “Tikro garso koncertas” (“Unpluged concert”) in LNK television and produced a record. “Tango records”.

In 1996 guitarist Olegas Sochinas was replaced by Virginijus Pazemeckas, who, in 1978 was one of the group founders.

In 1996 was transcribed and in 1997 produced the album “Dabartis” (“Nowadays”). It was the first CD, produced by “Top records”, the subsidiary company of “Bomba” company.
Prepared individual programmes with singers Zilvinas Zvagulis and Gytis Paskevicius.

On the 21 – 22 nd of August in 1996 in Palanga in a bar “Laukiniai Vakarai”, the group “Studija” had obtained the record of Lithuania , which was inscribed in the book of Lithuanian records. It was recorded as the longest concert without break (17 hours; performed 219 songs). Gytis Paskevicius, Zilvinas Zvagulis, Irena Starosaite and Vilma Martisiute also had helped to obtain this record.

In 1997 singer Irena Starosaite was replaced by Larisa Cekasina.

In the autumn of 1998 had produced the album “Skrendam” (“Lets fly”). The records were made in the group’s own record company. Since 1998 all the group’s records were made their own company. It was a very ambitious work. In this album you can find songs of jazz/rock, soul and pop/rock music. For this album the group was nominated as the “best rock group” in 1998 in the “Bravo musical awards”. The song “Naktinis skambutis” (“The ring at the night”) was the winner in “Nida” festival.

In 1999 year “Jam record” had produced the collection of the golden songs “Studija 20 metu” (“Studija in 20years”) in which was involved lots of popular group’s songs and two new songs – Nidos Regis and Kaledu naktis (Raggea of Nida and the Christmas Night).

In 1999 – 2000 year the group had made a big tour in Lithuania to celebrate the 20 years anniversary. There were more than 100 concerts. The final concert was on the 29 th of March in 2000 in the Palace of Concert and Sport in Vilnius (it was the biggest concert arena in Lithuania at the moment). In the concert had taken the part these guests:

B. Dambrauskaite, S.Donskovas, C.Gabalis, E.Kucinskas, A.Lukosevicius “Obuolys” (“Apple”), G.Paskevicius, S.Povilaitis, E.Sipavicius, I.Starosaite, Z.Zvagulis, O.Vysniauskas, V.Kernagis. The concert was shot by LTV.

In 2001 year “Jam records” had produced the second collection of the group’s songs “Studija 20 metu” (“Studija in 20 years”). This collection also contained several new songs – Pensininku rokenrolas (“Rock’n’roll of retiree”), Skyleta kepure (“Holey cap”), Sergejaus Kaledos (“Sergejus’ Christmas”), Ar sugrisime atgal (“Whether we will come back”);

In 2001 year the group had spent half of the year in tour in Hong Kong . After this tour the group was left by Larisa Cekasina.

In 2002 year the company “Pukas records” had produced a new album “Atostogos” (“Holidays”). It was a very gorgeous and very different work in stylistic point of view.

In 2002 year the group was joined by singer Ruta Sciogolevaite.

In the autumn of 2003 was made a new tour to celebrate the group’s 25 years anniversary. There were about 50 concerts. The final concert was on the 7 th of December in Klaipeda in the Palace of Zvejai . These guests were invited: Virgilijus Noreika, I.Starosaite, A.Suminskas, A.Baukute, V.Riaubiskyte, K.Jablonskis, G.Paskevicius, Z.Zvagulis, S.Donskovas, A.Pylipaite, L.Adomaitis. The part was taken also by these groups: Rondo, Tabasco , Rebelheart, Doudi jazz band, B’avarija, Bugs band. The concert was shot by LTV.

In 2002 – 2004 years the group had made lots of concerts in different clubs in Lithuania . In 2004 the group was nominated as the most professional group in the awards in the club “Brodvejus”.

In the autumn of 2004 year the group was left by Ruta Sciogolovaite.

In 2002 – 2005 year the group had prepared the programmes for the festival “Kaunas Jazz”. The musicians had taken parts in different projects.

On the 12 th of June of 2004 the group had taken the part in the festival “Milenium Bike Show”, in Aleksotas airport in Kaunas . For this festival they had prepared special programme from the repertory of “Creadence Clearwater Revival”.

On the 2 nd, 3 rd of March in 2005 in Klaipeda Concert Hall was a concert, which should be the ground for the DVD record. This record is going to be issued in the autumn of 2005. There will be widely elucidated the group’s history. There will be lots of photo and video material from their own archive, interviews and fragments from TV broadcasts.

On the 17 th of April in 2005 in the Palace of Zvejai in Klaipeda was provided a special project with the choirs from Vidunas secondary school.

On the 30 th of April in 2005 they showed a new programme in “Kaunas Jazz” festival. These guests took part: Arnoldas Jankunas – piano, Algis Kylis – t. sax., Mindaugas Vadoklis – trp., vocal group “Capella A “.

2005 the 6th of July - „Summer rock 2005“ band festival in Klaipeda. We performed our special program „Kaunas jazz“. Guests: Algis Kilis – saxophone; Mindaugas Vadoklis – trumpet; Arnoldas Jankűnas – keyboard; Kristina Jatautaitë and Auđra Smičiűtë – secondary vocal.

2005 the 22nd of July - Project „CCR“ with band „Studija“ in a festival „Sail in Rock“, Klaipeda Sea Festival. Guest: Rűta Đčiogolevaitë.

2005 the 24th of July - “Balticum TV” concert on a Theater square in Klaipëda.

2005 the 6th of November – LTV live concert in Vilnius. For the first time our band sings with Kristina Jatautaitë.

2005 the 11th of December - Concert in the Klaipëda Concert Hall. University of Klaipëda music faculty, jazz music department jubilee fiesta.